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WYM - November Newsletter 2020

Namaste All,

Hope this email finds you and your loved ones well. Take your time reading, Nuggets of Yogic information to digest.

Happy November! Looking ahead to the New Moon, this Saturday. It's a powerful one, full of possibilities and positive vibes. Keep practicing grounding to help cope with the life around you. Opening up your thoughts to growth. Your growth is not mandated, just observe yourself and notice even the slightest growth. Maybe your observations of the self, are the growth.

Grounding tips: (take what you need, leave the rest)

1. walk in nature, no phones; earthing, no shoes or socks

2. repot your inside plants, working with dirt and plants is very grounding

3. herbal tea or warm water, Tulsi & Turmeric teas good for immune support

4. YoGa, in your practice focus eyes downward

5. seated outside, or at a window, stare into nature

6. warm cooked foods, try for 1 cooked meal a day, we are all busy, no stress to fit in cooked foods for every meal. Eat root vegetables that are in season, add herbs that are grounding like rosemary, add ghee for immune support.

7. essential oils, patchouli, sandalwood

8. jewelry, sandalwood, tiger's eye, garnet

9. sleep, eye pillows, weighted blanket

10. meditation practice, connect pinky finger and thumb, Buddhi Mudra, mudra means seal, the pinky finger represents the heart organ in the body and the Earth element under Ayurveda, the sister science to YoGa. Also stimulates mental clarity, Hatha YoGa.

11. oil the body, i like the Banyan Botanicals blends, right now Vata oils.

12. do less, and say no thank you

If you have been to classes with us, you know I usually lead with a sound before we begin our practice. Or end, coming out of svasana. These vibrational tools soothe the parasympathetic nervous system, our fight/flight/freeze response and rest & digest. Here is a short article about setting up your meditation space, and the use of Tibetan bowls.

Attached is a short video of Tibetan bowls and added gong for variation. Thinking of everyone during this time as we move into the holiday season. keep taking care of yourself. Reach out if you have any questions, I love questions!! Om Santih, peace, winnie IMG_5521.m4v


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