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Happy New Moon Wishes in Libra. 10/6/2021

Namaste and Sat Nam Beautiful Souls!

How are you?

Today is an energetic and auspicious time to set a new intention or make that wish you are holding onto. We begin the next moon phase, the New Moon in LIbra. yall know me, i feel you may do this anytime, you are always in charge of yourself, your thoughts, your choices, your actions. What lens are you using to view the world? remember, no judgement. just observe, be the neutral mind watching the positive and negative mind, duke it out.

But, if you want to power up a little goal for yourself. today is the day!!! write it down, burn it, say it outloud, share with family and friends, keep it posted on the fridge, computer, desk, car, your night stand, a mirror. you can do anything you want, where are your thoughts going? just like Dr. Joe Dispenze says, "where your thoughts go, so does your energy."

This Friday, October 8, we have our monthly Sound Journey at Soul Strong Yoga in downtown RR, at the Sanctuary location, 7-8pm. We will move the body to open the heart, the home of Compassion, Desire, and Grief. "What do you desire most?" Tapping into this energy we will shift down to the mid torso, the Solar Plexus, the 3rd Chakra space of willpower, "I can do this."

We would love to have you there Friday night to manifest your New Moon wishes.

The space is limited to 7. if you are following me on IG, i posted a video of the space.

register at:

take good care, sending you love and light, winnie


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