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December News/ Full Moon Gong Symphony 2021

Namaste and Sat Nam beautiful people!

Happy New Moon wishes in Sagittarius. It's our last Moon of 2021!!

The holidays are in full swing!! Keep creating the space for quiet and stillness. I have a few contemplation questions to ask yourself for journaling or seated meditation. Where do I see Joy and Peace during this time? Where do I feel the Joy / Peace in the body? How might I add more Joy / Peace into my life? If nothing comes to you the first time to visit these questions, give it time. Honor yourself by being still and quiet during your day, any amount of time. We have a new class time on Mondays / Wednesdays at the Brushy Creek Mud in Round Rock, 7pm **. Did you know you can drop in for $5? Next year will be my 4th year working for the Mud, I started as a contractor for the first 2 years, totallying 6 years at the Mud. Everyone is really nice and we have Zoom options for all the group fitness classes. We would love for you to join us. You are invited!!! Give it as a gift to yourself and bring your friends!! Full Moon Gong Symphony: Sunday, December 19, 6pm - 7:30pm Flow Yoga Anderson location sending you love, light and blessings. take good care of yourselves! winnie (attached weekly class schedule with descriptions)


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