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Seva: Service to Others

Service to others has been ingrained into me morally through taekwondo trainings, yoga ethics and philosophy. The word “Seva” used in kundalini yoga, means be of service, give back to your community. Sometimes, that's giving back to my Kundalini Yoga community by leading the 4:30am Sadhana practice. Wow, early!! These are open to the community, free and always rewarding and beautiful experiences. I have a few experiences with this Seva but would not be able to do it without the other community members guiding me along the way, like the help of a big sister. Before the world events that led us to home stay, I volunteered every Thursday to support the staff in the AP’s office at the nearby high school.  There are so many ways to get into service, food banks, clothing donations, volunteer at church, or get involved with community groups that do good to clean up parks and creeks.  Giving back to Yoga and what it provides is interesting. A lot of us yoga instructors believe we should receive something in return, like an exchange of goods or energy.  When I teach Seniors, at the high school or donate classes to teachers, I know this is helping them.  They thank me, they smile, they participate, they feel present, leave with a smile, and to me that is enough.  I am so very thankful to be asked to serve my community.  I truly feel valued and worthy. 


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