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Huge Share: Thank You for Supporting me. 10/11/2021

Namaste and Sat Nam Friends,

hope you had a restful weekend and found time to try something new. I went with a friend to the Austin Salt Cave. Your first time is $30. It was cool, I enjoyed both the friend bonding time and the whole Halotherapy experience!! Last week's New Moon, New beginnings was a great week! Pulling moon cards and releasing from transverse shapes in the body. Thank you all for your after class shares. These next 2 weeks we will revisit familiar Asana/ poses and talk about foundations, support, and variations of Extended Side Angle, Utthita Parsvakonasana, lower body. Acknowledging Breast Cancer awareness month, our upper body focus, chest openers sprinkled within our flow. Honor a friend or family member with thoughts and prayers or by making a donation to Questions to contemplate: "where do I lean into for support, how do I support myself, do I offer support to others, what does support feel like in my body?" reminder, this is a judgement free space. we are all on different paths. Energetically we move into darker spaces, with the shorter daylight and cooler temperatures. Maybe we begin cocooning ourselves, using this time for Shadow Work. Feel free to reach out to me here for more information on Shadow work. Huge share: I am super super excited, extremely lucky, and blessed to share that I am going on the road!! The last week of October 24-31. All classes covered except the Barre classes at Twin Creeks. Yes, my friends, I am giving workshops in Taos, New Mexico and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Have you heard of the "Law of Attraction?" I created a Vision Board earlier this year with my Kundalini Yoga friends and placed pictures of mountains and cut out words like, adventure, "out and about," and "time to shine." Check out one of the offerings in Taos, NM at, scroll down till you see my pic. if you are not following me on InstaGram, connect there to follow me on the road trip: WinniesYogaMat attaching a PDF of regular weekly classes and their class descriptions. One day at a time! sending you all the good vibrations, winnie


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