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Corporate Barre and Yoga

This is really where I got my biggest break being a yoga instructor.  I was just starting out in 2012/13 as an actually certified yoga instructor.  I was teaching workshops at Flow Yoga, with the original owner Kat, teaching in the park to home schooled families, and substituting yoga to corporate employees. Working corporate is awesome!! You almost always have the same students. This gives you the ability to truly build on skills each week.  I subbed for about 3 solid years, teaching mostly during the summer, when teachers went on vacation, and winter breaks.  This worked great for my family schedule as my kids were still growing into teens, needing me, ya know, “soccer mom.”  Lots to get to after the 2:45pm bell.  

Then 2 years ago, the corporate gym wanted to change the schedule to offer some new types of classes.  This is when I said, "How about barre?"  I was lucky enough to know an owner of a barre studio and asked her to train me.  Now I am the permanent barre instructor for the last 2 years.  It’s been awesome to learn this new skill and share and hold the same concept of building our classes with the same students.  The corporate employees are wonderful. They work hard all day at their desks, and try to sneak away for 45 to 60 minutes of movement.  I'm thankful for their smiles and outlook.  We always have a great time!  More like a party workout.


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